Clean Energy Automation Platform -

Personal Energy Solutions -

Our platform sits right at the centre of your home energy system, and makes Solar, Batteries and Loads function greater than the sum of their parts. is easy to install and almost universally compatible with Solar Inverters and Batteries- irrespective of Voltage and Chemistry

  • Increased Solar Generation
  • Systems paired with Platform generate about 8% more energy by stay on during blackouts, and charging batteries on Solar.

  • Resilience to Blackouts
  • Users can stay safe and stay powered during blackouts- their batteries recharge on Solar energy every day!

  • Hybrid Features at On-grid Prices
  • Platform helps do away with Engineering costs and additional Balance-of-Systems associated with Hybrid Solar PV systems.

  • Enhanced Battery Life
  • Our Platform reduces battery depletion rates by 55% by prioritising Solar- thereby extending the life of batteries