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Energy is the pulse of our day-to-day life, and how we create and use it is changing rapidly. What the future will look like is not certain, but what is clear is that we’re well on our way to a new energy future. Imagine the possibilities . . . a world where energy is sustainable and abundant.

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Clean Energy Automation Platform

It is hard to create an energy platform on your own that can track ,control , analyze , DERs, EVs, AMI, outages, and other contemporary energy technology. You don't have to start from scratch because the Clean Energy Transition Platform gives you the necessary tools and programmes. We provide you with the resources, tools, and APIs necessary to develop anything; the options are endless.

  • Scalable
    • Customizable
      • Secure

Platform Architecture


Get a Grip of your Data

Our platform can ingest and manage huge volumes of smart meter data, IoT data and data from any kind of energy asset. Upon ingestion the data is automatically cleansed and an extensive set of Validation, Estimation and Editing models is applied. An easy to use search functionality guarantees quick access to the most granular data.

Reduce operational expenses

Automation, optimized labor effort, and effective asset maintenance work together in an reduce operational expenses. With the successful implementation of our platforms, the facilities can save hugely on HVAC systems and other processes that consume energy to a large extent. It allows the users to predict energy usage and its budget effectively.

Ease of control

Our platform can remove the learning curve that is correlated with controlling energy systems separately. The users can access settings, schedules, and permissions from a central system that eases the work. Implementation of changes becomes easy by integrating multiple systems into a single application. In short, it gives the ability to access the systems even from remote places.

Create personalised solutions

Utility companies are introducing new prices, plans, and services that can help with each of these objectives, but engagement is still a problem. Personalization will be crucial in gaining customer support for energy efficiency programmes, renewable energy adoption, and more. You can develop individualised solutions with the aid of the Clean energy automation platform

Continuously assess performance

By continuously assessing the energy asset performance you can detect any weakness in assets across the enterprise and make a complete assessment to find the best solution that reduces energy consumption, optimizes the lifecycle of each asset (operational), improves uptime, saves costs, and reduces environmental risks.

Automate control workflows & processes

we automate and digitize simple-to-complex business processes for energy companies, utility companies, generation power providers and transmission operators can have a significant impact. From making staff available for other projects, reducing errors and accidents and allowing for visibility into commercial decisions.


Cloud Scalability

Platform brings your buildings, renewables and grid assets online with the cloud-based horizontally scalable engine behind. Column-oriented database and tailor cut analytical engine for stream processing is designed for cost-effective scale and operations

Device Interoperability

Platform's cloud gateway can communicate seamlessly with hundreds of sensors/equipment/systems in the market. The platform is fluent in most building management and industrial control system protocols including OPC, Modbus, Mbus, Pulse, ODBC, SNMP, IEC 62056.

Edge Analytics

The data can be stored on the Platform. In addition critical analyses can be run on the gateway. This helps to take action as soon as possible by tools of the gateway such as auto-control (on/off), sending alerts to the assigned technicians. Constant and healthy data flow is provided .

Modularity & Api ,Machine learning libraries

Using the existing infrastructure of Platform, you can built powerful industrial and commercial energy applications. You can add the power of Our Platform’s engine to your own app or service. Whether you’re a hardware vendor, system integrator, service provider, or individual developer.

Advance Service Layer

Service layer enables platform users to create various rule scenarios, to calculate baselines for comparison, to be informed when any abnormality detected, to automatically control and change the device set points, and to get summary reports related to the energy performance in the facility.

Advance Cyber security

The Platform's multi-layered cyber security approach employs technical, physical, and administrative safeguards. We put great importance on energy reliability and security, that is why whole IoT value chain, from sensor to gateway, is protected for your data privacy and cyber security.

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